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We are looking for agents and distributors in order to extend our international market presence. Interested parties must have sales experience, technical personnel, show rooms, parts supply and professional service experience in the scooter field.

your Buying Agent


You want to import goods from China but don't know where to start or who to trust?

Don't know how you are going to follow up on your order status because of the difficulties in communicating with your supplier?


Mainbon has put together a team of experienced and knowledgeable people to act as your import agent. We have the right set of communication and negotiating skills to ensure that your importing experience is trouble free. We will find you the perfect supplier at the right price and follow up your order to make sure that it is delivered to your destination in a timely manner. 

Advantages of our services

1. Help you to reduce the purchase cost: In the whole purchase process, we just charge you the agent fees, that is to say the price you got is completely Factory ones and we can recommend you the factory which produce the goods with good quality and competitive price through many ways. Sometimes it is also a very difficult thing to be satisfied by a factory for many kinds of products, in order to satisfy your demands for dealing with different suppliers, you have to arrange more human resources, but in the same time, it will increase your cost, but if you indicate us to procure for you, this cost will be decreased to the lowest point.

2. Help you to reduce your purchase risk: Generally speaking, both purchaser and supplier will sign a treaty before the transaction, but it's beyond your control if some suppliers break it for their own profits, such as reduce the quality and raise the price. We are proficiency in China commercial law and have thorough understanding to domestic corporations. At the same time, our businessmen are working all over developed cities in china. Furthermore, we have the absolutely ability to supply you such service as: factory reputation investigation, goods inspection, contract fulfill, charter ship and so on, it's executable to avoid your purchase risk whatever you will meet.

3. Help you to improve purchase efficiency: Help you to improve purchase efficiency: No doubt that you need a steady supply channel because you are not a direct customer. You need purchase at any moment to supply to your customers. If you purchase from the factory directly, once the problem happened in it, you will face such situation that how to search the substitute?You know, this is not a simple thing and also it will spend you a long time. In this case, how your supply chain can be a whole one? Of course, if you purchase through us which is more security steady and efficiency, just because we fully understand the strength and prestige of the Chinese suppliers, which drive us have the ability to search all different industries and all different levels products in a short time. That can ensure you enough goods to sell.

Services & Rates


Sourcing: Locating suitable suppliers for your product based on your specification or sample. We are not tied to any particular factory, so we are free to select what is best for you. Most factories in our area work on a custom-made basis. We can obtain competitive quotes for all phases of your project.

Molding and Prototyping: Mainbon has many talented free-lance artists that can translate your original idea into a cast mold to be used for commercial production. They specialize in different types of artwork, so we will locate the right one for you.

Samples: Obtaining samples of the products you want and shipping them to you by your preferred courier.

Factory visits: Arranging your trip to the factory and meetings with suppliers. Hotel reservations, airport pickup, local transportation, interpreting.

Expediting: Making sure your order is being processed on time by regularly visiting the factories. We obtain proforma invoices and other documents that you may need for trouble-free entry in your country and ensure that the order is shipped as soon as it is ready.

Quality Control: Verifying that the final product conforms to your specifications and that quality standards are consistently met.

Shipping Inspection: Making sure the product is suitably packed for export and that the documentation is correct.

Book shipping: According to customer request, we book shipping space and arrange shipment.

Service fees:

Our fees are reasonable and vary with the nature of the work. Typically we charge a fixed percentage of the invoice total on FOB value. Other services are charged differently. Please tell us what services you need and we will present a firm quote.



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